What God is doing there:

Rwanda is the smallest country in Africa. Even so, it has pleased God to use them to bring clarity and renewal to the church in the West through their faithfulness. In 1994, Rwanda experienced a genocide throughout the country, leaving the nation in deep crisis. Through the preaching of the Gospel and a move of deep forgiveness, Rwanda began to rebuild on the foundation of forgiveness and reconciliation. They did not have the luxury of God’s power and message of reconciliation to not work. And He showed up powerfully. As Rwanda continues to rebuild decades later, the church is marked with power and life.

What God is doing here:

As they look across the ocean, they use the language of spiritual genocide to describe what is happening to the church in America. Power is lacking. Freedom in Jesus is nowhere to be found. In response to this, Rwanda has commissioned and joined with many churches in America to see renewal and restoration come again to a weary country. Through Holy Trinity’s connection to Rwanda, we stand as recipients of the living faith of our African brothers and sisters to see God’s mission accomplished in the Treasure Valley.

Our Connection:

Every other year, we travel to our sister church in Kigarama, Byumba, Rwanda. We go to humbly receive and learn from what is happening there for Jesus’ name. We even count ourselves a Rwanda church plant in the Treasure Valley.