Parish Council

I grew up in a family that loved the church. My husband and I started attending Holy Trinity three years ago and since have learned to love the liturgy and wide arms of the Anglican church. I am a teacher by trade, and having taught for 14 years, I am currently am the Dean of the Ambrose Bridge Program. I love my job for many reasons but one is that I teach at a school that acknowledges the power of liturgy and habit in the formation of our hearts and minds. I also see Christian education as partnering with the church to educate the next generation in Biblical thinking and in deciphering the truth from error, beauty from perversion, and good from evil.

My husband, Ian, works as a physical therapist in Eagle. Together we have a one year old daughter whom we take with us on our biking, backpacking, CrossFitting, camping, fishing, hunting, and traveling adventures.

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