We meet at the Power House Event Center 621 S. 17th St. Boise, 83702 Worship Time: Sunday at 10:00

Nampa Mission

Formerly known as the Nampa Mission, Christ the Redeemer Church meets in the American Legion Hall, 1504 2nd St. South in Nampa. Meeting time will be at 10am starting Sunday, September 7.

When Ben and Brooke Fischer moved to Nampa in 2008 to teach at Northwest Nazarene University, they quickly noticed the absence of a church drawing together the strengths of Word, Sacrament, and Spirit in the ancient patterns of the Church. Following Ben’s ordination with the Church of Rwanda, the Nampa Mission began meeting weekly on Sunday evenings in September 2011 to worship the Lord in the Anglican tradition. ¬†Holding fast to the ancient rhythms of worship, with an emphasis on teaching the Word and obeying the Holy Spirit, our services also pull in the best of today’s music and song.

Based in downtown Nampa, the mission aims to join the Lord in His work in the community. We tend to be people who love God’s family despite our failings, who want to know Jesus better, who want to engage culture with honesty and clarity, and who find people to help us struggle along the way. We gather at 10am on Sunday mornings¬†around the corner from the Flying M Coffee Shop, and, very simply, the Lord meets us.

We are a Mission of Holy Trinity Church and the Church of Rwanda working in the Treasure Valley, and we want to join God in the renewal of all things.